TEFAF 2017 Flights
at Maastricht Aachen Airport
1985-1990 Vickers Viscount V806 Virgin Atlantic. The daily reality...
MST-Aviation Lounge - Column
After the winter of 1984/1985 Virgin increased their LGW-MST service into a daily one. Unfortunally that was the end of the BIA BAC1-11 G-AXMU, who hopped over from BIA to Air UK that summer, still as G-AXMU ... Read More
Munich Airport March 2017
Aviation Worldwide
A couple of pictures taken at Munich Airport on the 14th, 15th and 16th of March 2017 ... Read More
1984 BAC-1-11 G-AXMU BIA/Virgin Atlantic: The reality...
MST-Aviation Lounge - Column
And so... Finally, four months after Branson's announcement Virgin Atlantic started up a regular flight LGW-MST-LGW ... Read More
First TEFAF 2017 Flights
Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST/EHBK)
The first business jets with visitors for the 30th edition of the The European Fine Art Fair arrived at Maasticht Aachen Airport ... Read More
Stockholm Bromma Airport
Aviation Worldwide
A couple of pictures taken at Stockholm Bromma Airport in September 2016 ... Read More
1984 B747-200 G-VIRG Virgin Atlantic: The dream...
MST-Aviation Lounge - Column
Summer 1984. A summer as always at EHBK/MST with regular pax-flights to AMS and LGW by NLM CityHopper. Transavia, Spantax, Aviaco, JAT, Hispania, and Air Holland were responsible for the charterflights to the sun. At the cargo we had Emery Worldwide and Air Algerie on a mostly daily service ... Read More
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