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[COLUMN] 1987 What if...the Virgin Viscount failed to fly: Airways Int. Cymru B737 G-BAZI

Posted: 12 Aug 2017, 14:23
by Guido
Man o man, what some lovely passed weeks we had at MST/EHBK, hadn't we? A B737-200, B727-200, a nice Airbus A340, smoking Antonovs and so on and so on... And what more is have come in the future?

Let's hop back in time when a B737-200 was a common thing. In this episode What if...the Virgin Viscount failed to fly we see a very nice replacement coming down from London-Gatwick via runway zero-four. Airways International Cymru B737-200 G-BAZI was operating the Virgin flight that afternoon. A pain in the lens is that I still took pics with that old pocketcam so this is the best I can show you.
Airways International Cymru B737 G-BAZI is taxiing down towards the terminal after a 04 arrival.