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[COLUMN] 1992 When you need something bigger if your B737 get's to small: Sultan Air/Aeroflot IL-86 CCCP-86061

Posted: 30 Sep 2017, 17:36
by Guido
Sultan Air was a Turkish charterairline operating a bunch of Boeing 737's, established in 1991 after the bankruptcy of Torosair. No doubt about it, Sultan Air operated in the first place between Turkey and MST only with a leased B737 ( SE-DKG, lateron SE-DKH too ) from Transwede, wich was actually a kind of mothercompany for Sultan. In 1992 they growed bigger, leasing several B737's from all over the world in different liveries. And when the 737's were dry out, they started looking to the East ( to the North for Turkey ) where Aeroflot was kind enough to help them out with a Tu-154B2 with a crew only operating inside the Soviet Union in the first place...
That was a real mess. I will tell you that story as that Tuup will pass this section.

But when a Tupolev becomes to small you could hire an IL-86, right? Now, that was exactly what Sultan Air had in mind during the summer season. And why would Aeroflot say no...? Right?

So we could hardly believe our ears when the anouncement came that a real Ilyushin IL-86 would made her appearance on Sultan Air's Sundaymorning flight. And it was a first visit of type too. Never before there was such an Ilyushin at MST. Ilyushin IL-86's were till sofar illusions only.
Aeroflot IL-86 CCCP-86061 vistited our airport three times. The first Sunday I was a bit to late to see it arrive.
So while taxiing and on departure from runway 22...



The second Sunday the sun was out when the Ilyushin was captured during her roll out on the 22.


The third Sunday I wasn't there...