[COLUMN] 1989. Military matters. AFCENT charter ATA L-1011 N191AT

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[COLUMN] 1989. Military matters. AFCENT charter ATA L-1011 N191AT

Postby Guido » 11 Dec 2016, 13:45

Thanks to the presence of the AFCENT headquarters in Brunssum MST received several militairy charters from the US. In the winter of 1989 an American Trans Air Lockheed L-1011 TriStar appeared on a militairy charter with new US troops for the AFCENT HQ. The N191AT was not the only one that day. There was also a Ports of Call B707 in the house that very same day. The TriStar came in from the USA and landed in the early afternoon. A couple of hours later it left to Frankfurt Rhein-Main AFB.
An Impression:

The L-1011 landed on the 22.

After landing it backtracked the 22 till the taxiway opposite the tower.

Looks good this good old classic...

Photo taken from the former Aeroclub.

Look on the apron that afternoon: Netherlines SF-340 PH-KJK. ATA L-1011 N191AT. Ports of Call B707 N457PC. And BAF Viscount G-AOYN on a Virgin flight.

Here you see the L-1011 leaving for Frankfurt.

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