[COLUMN] 1986 Diversions: People Express B747-200 N609PE

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[COLUMN] 1986 Diversions: People Express B747-200 N609PE

Postby Guido » 18 Dec 2016, 13:05

May 1986 was a month of conflicts between the Belgian Government as employer and the air traffic controllers at Brussels. On several days that month they had strikes. Not like 24h strike but in a way of working 15 minutes, whereafter they were 15 minutes on strike. Ofcourse that occured a lot of aircrafts holding for the landing at BRU. Some of them were running out of fuel like this People Express B747-200 N609PE. So that Wednesday morning we could enjoy this nice 747 in front of the MST terminal. People Express had contacted MST in the beginning of that month about possible diversion to Beek due to strike at BRU, so we knew there was a chance this Queen of the Skies was coming. And as she didn't show up two weeks before ( Because of a lucky gap in the holdingpattern ), she showed up this time and made a lot of us happy. As a matter of fact: If People Express had diverted two weeks before, then we had 2 747's in one day at MST as a Flying Tigers 747 was in that day, wich would have been the first time of 2 747's in one day at MST. That happend just six months later with KLM B747's PH-BUA and BUE on diversion...

The Queen in front of the terminal.

Lack of passengers made a direct flight from MST to Newark possible. By 13.00 hrs the 747 left via the 22 with 100 PAX and six tonnes of cargo straightly to Newark.

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