[COLUMN] 1989. First customer GPA/Expressair paintinghangar

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[COLUMN] 1989. First customer GPA/Expressair paintinghangar

Postby Guido » 07 Jan 2017, 13:44

Last week MAAS, the succesor of GPA/Expressair opened a new hangar, next to the old one. A Ryanair B737-800 was the first plane who entered the hangar. In in the Ryanair livery, out in...the Ryanair livery. How spectacular...

With the opening of the GPA/Expressair hangar in March 1989 the first customer wasn't that spectacular either. Lufthansa ordered GPA/Expressair for three A310-200's to repaint. The only difference was that the Airbusses came in in the old Lufthansa livery and left in the current livery. The first Bus ever was Lufthansa A310-203 D-AICF. It took a week to repaint it, in a hangar with no doors, as it still wasn't finished. A huge tarpaulin was hanged inwhere the hangardoors came in about a month later...

The first entrance of a plane in the GPA/Expressair hangar was after dark. The Airbus was towed in very slow as it was the first time. Spotters could walk in easily, after permission. A month later it was all closed by doors and fences.

A week later Lufthansa A310-203 D-AICF looked like this. The Bus became wfu in 1994. In 1995 Fedex converted the former D-AICF into a freighter. It was N405FE registered. In 2011 Fedex stored the Airbus in Victorville.

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