[COLUMN] 1988 Malev IL-18 HA-MOI

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[COLUMN] 1988 Malev IL-18 HA-MOI

Postby Guido » 22 Jan 2017, 10:51

Back in 1988 Malev showed up frequently with one of their IL-18's to pick up a load of chicken for Burgas. And sometimes it even happen that a Tu-134 showed up on such flight. This time it was IL-18 HA-MOI who picked up the cargo and moved out on the double back up in the air as all those chicks heated up the cabin very fast. Here you see Malev IL-18 HA-MOI during her take-off roll on runway 22, back in September 1988.

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Re: [COLUMN] 1988 Malev IL-18 HA-MOI

Postby Baszb » 24 Jan 2017, 12:37

Great one! I noticed this aircraft parked in terrible conditions at the Budapest Aeropark museum last Saturday..

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