[COLUMN] 1983 KLM A310-203 PH-AGC

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[COLUMN] 1983 KLM A310-203 PH-AGC

Postby Guido » 11 Feb 2017, 15:35

When I started my spottingcareer in December 1980 KLM was the one, responsable for the Lourdesflights during the summertime. DC-8's, DC-9' and even DC-10's ( in 1982 even a Viasa DC-10! ) showed up before 1982, when the Airbus A310-200 were introduced in the KLM fleet. From the summer of 1983 on it was mostly KLM A310-203 PH-AGC who operated the Lourdesflight. The reason for that was the setup of the interior of the Airbus, as disabled people were also traveling to Lourdes.
On the photo below of July 1983 you see the brand new PH-AGC, delivered in May 1983, ready for taxi to runway 04 for the short hop to Amsterdam after the returnflight from Lourdes.

The PH-AGC was delivered to KLM in May 1983. Untill October 1995 the C was enjoying the KLM fleet. In 1996 KLM leased the Airbus to Middle East Airlines, still as PH-AGC. In August 1997 the Airbus was taken over by Federal Express and converted to freighter. Fedex registrated her as N428FE. In December 2013 the former AGC was stored by Fedex at Victorville, inwhere she is still right now.

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