[COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Pictures and stories from Maastricht Airport in the early years.
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[COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby Guido » 18 Feb 2017, 17:21

A hot item nowadays as MST want to grow and some people believe that "all these aircrafts going to make a lot of noise and air pollution..."
A hot item because NATO decided to move on with the good old AWACS till 2035...
Noise? With those vacuumcleaners of nowadays?
Air pollution? How about the average scooter. represented in every citycenter, town and village. It is so common, but people don't have a clue about the air pollution created by scooters. No one is arguing about that, although it is much closer to the most of us...
Yes, I know. The scooterindustry is also improving their scooterengines! It is just a thought.

On a Sundaymorning in April 1991 the cargoapron ( B-apron ) was filled with three IL-76's of Swiss cargo airliner Metro Cargo. The Ilyushins were here to pic up cargo as humanic help for the Kurds in Northern Iraq after the Gulfwar. As a matter of fact these were the first IL-76's visiting MST ever!
The aircrafts were loaded one by one and soon as one was ready the aircraft took off towards the Middle East. I managed to get two of them on pic as the third one was parked not good at all to make a nice pic. That particular one left in the evening, when I was home. I could take the CCCP-76793 on the apron and CCCP-76805 could be catched on departure. Can you imagine the noise of those four Soloviev D30KP engines... But, what sounds like noise for some people sounds like music for the most of us aviationenthusiast!
Lucky for us, more IL-76's followed soon, however, the party didn't last that long as the people, who couldn't appreciate the beautifull music of Soloviev, managed to exile the IL-76.

Metro Cargo IL-76TD CCCP-76793 waiting to be loaded on the cargo.

Metro Cargo IL-76TD CCCP-76805 blasting off runway 22 towards the Middle East.
Watch it and close you eyes... Imagine you were there... Can you hear the sound?

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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby Berg » 22 Feb 2017, 12:15

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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby Siem » 22 Feb 2017, 13:05


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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby cargolouk » 22 Feb 2017, 18:52

Nice to see these oldies :D :D
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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby Didi » 01 Mar 2017, 17:50

Another great column!

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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Metro Cargo IL-76's

Postby marcel66 » 03 Mar 2017, 08:06

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