[COLUMN] 1985-1990 Vickers Viscount V806 Virgin Atlantic. The daily reality...

Pictures and stories from Maastricht Airport in the early years.
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[COLUMN] 1985-1990 Vickers Viscount V806 Virgin Atlantic. The daily reality...

Postby Guido » 18 Mar 2017, 16:35

After the winter of 1984/1985 Virgin increased their LGW-MST service into a daily one. Unfortunally that was the end of the BIA BAC1-11 G-AXMU, who hopped over from BIA to Air UK that summer, still as G-AXMU. Virgin leased an Vickers Viscount V806 from British Air Ferries. Various Viscounts were painted in a Virgin livery.
The first one was V806 G-AOYP, named Maastricht Maiden, here taken on the taxiway on her way to runway 22.

Viscount V806 G-AOYG was the second one. Here you see it coming in on an Aprilday in 1988.

In 1989 V806 G-APEY was responsible for the Virgin flights.

And in 1990 we saw this Baltic Viscount G-BAPG with a Virgin tail, performIng the Virgin flights.

1990 was the end of the succesfull Virgin flight to Maastricht. Eventhough the flights had a high capacity, Virgin was forced to stop as they needed the LGW Maastricht slot for their new flights to Tokio.

Virgin also had a lot of charters performing the MST flight. I will post them every now and then in the future.

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