1986 Diversions: Ghana Airways DC-10-30CF 9G-ANA

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1986 Diversions: Ghana Airways DC-10-30CF 9G-ANA

Postby Guido » 03 Sep 2017, 13:23

A sunny Saturday in February at MST...
A Saturdaymorning full of fog in AMS...
When minding my own business at home I received a good old phonecall from a friend, telling me that I had to hurry up, as there were a couple diversions at MST diverted from AMS. Being curious what kind of diversions were present, and if they were worth to hop to the airport I asked him what was in and he answered in one breathtake: "Transavia737ZAS707KLM747GhanaDC10".
Well, that was surely worth to pay a visit to the airport so I took my stuff, hopped on my moped and cruised as fast as my Puch Maxi could go to to the airport.
I was right on time to see the KLM B747-2006BSUD PH-BUM go, followed by Transavia B737-200 PH-TVC, and shortly after the Zarkani Air Service B707. Saving the best for the last as Ghana DC-10-30CF 9G-ANA left as the last one. And yes...in 1986 I had a good old ( not ) pocketcam as I took the pics of the DC-10 going out with het "Operated by KLM" titels.

In 1988 I was able to catch the very same Ten with a better cam at Düsseldorf. So as they looked much better I post them here too:

And as well in 1989 at DUS:

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Re: 1986 Diversions: Ghana Airways DC-10-30CF 9G-ANA

Postby Wibo » 03 Sep 2017, 16:31


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Re: 1986 Diversions: Ghana Airways DC-10-30CF 9G-ANA

Postby cargolouk » 03 Sep 2017, 17:48

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