[COLUMN] 1991 Eurotop Maastricht. Olympic B747-200 SX-OAB

Pictures and stories from Maastricht Airport in the early years.
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[COLUMN] 1991 Eurotop Maastricht. Olympic B747-200 SX-OAB

Postby Guido » 09 Sep 2017, 16:31

When the announcement came that the 1991 Eurotop was held in Maastricht, we all got curious of what about to come to MST. In those years it was usual that the country of presidency organized the Eurotop of EEC leaders by the end of the country's presidency, wich was after a half a year. And the 1991 version had a "big" announcement to make as the European leaders decided to form the nowadays European Union.
In 1991 there weren't that many countries in the EEC as now in the EU. But there were still enough for some nice highlights on our airport. A Spanish Air Force 707, Royal Air Force VC-10, Italian Air Force DC-9's. Other countries came with bizzjet's and Denmark and Greece by regular airliner. For Denmark that was a SAS Fokker 50 and for Greece a B737 of Olympic was planned in the first place.
In the first place, as the 737 of Olympic, who brought the Greek delegation hopped back to Athens after dropping them, while all the others parked their planes at MST during the top.
Now, the rumour we heard weeks before became true as we heard that the Greek prime minister had the intention to pay a visit to president Bush in the United States straightly after the Eurotop. And to get there they used an 747...
So on the last day of the Eurotop, when most of us all had a couple of days of, we waited stringent for the arrival of the Olympic 747, wich was expected late in the afternoon. As it was wintertime sunset was around half past 4, so we all were hoping that the Queen of the Skies wasn't delayed. Unfortunally it was slightly delayed so when it appeared on the Maastricht approach frequency sun was almost setting. The 747 came in via the OLNO beacon near Liège so some later we saw it passing by in the east, to high for a straight in zero-four as requested. As 04 had no ILS it came in via an ILS 22, braking off for a visual 04 arrival so after a while it passed the airport again in the east at 1500 feet. And with the last bit of sunlight it touched down on runway 04, what made me able to catch it during the roll out. The 747 got parked at the B-apron and left late that evening straight to Washington DC.

On the photo you see the Olympic B747-200 SX-OAB rolling down runway 04.

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Re: [COLUMN] 1991 Eurotop Maastricht. Olympic B747-200 SX-OAB

Postby Wibo » 09 Sep 2017, 16:33

Good old times

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