[COLUMN] 1990. Cubana IL-62's

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[COLUMN] 1990. Cubana IL-62's

Postby Guido » 06 Nov 2016, 16:16

A very hot spotting destination this weekend must have been Ostend Airport because of the visit of the IL-62 of Rada Airlines. IL-62's used to be a common sight on most European airports long ago. Even Maastricht had a bunch of IL-62's on visit, starting in October 1987 as Interflug IL-62 DDR-SEU was a first visit of type.
It took a while before some more IL-62's passed by as Cubana ordered GPA/Expressair to repaint their IL-62's. The plane's T-tail was a hard habit to break but it fitted in the hangar with just a few inches of space between the top of the T-tail and the hangar's entrance. So the summer of 1990 was filled with visit's of Cubana IL-62's...

IL-62 CU-T1208 is catched before the painting job, coming in from Madrid.

IL-62 CU-T1209 is catched after the job has done. The grey belly became white.

All the IL-62's were ferried from Madrid or Frankfurt to MST and contrariwise.

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