[COLUMN] 1984/1990. Beginnings. Alia Royal Jordanian/Royal Jordanian Airlines

Pictures and stories from Maastricht Airport in the early years.
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[COLUMN] 1984/1990. Beginnings. Alia Royal Jordanian/Royal Jordanian Airlines

Postby Guido » 20 Nov 2016, 12:29

In January 1984 Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines started new regular cargoflights between Amman and Maastricht. They appeared twice a week with one of their freighter 707's, wich was, as far as I was informed the JY-AEC during that short time they operated cargoflights from MST.
A short time?
Well, it looked like MST turned not out in what they expected so after three weeks they ceased the MST service and moved back to Amsterdam.
Ofcourse in 1984 I still had that Agfamatic 55D cam, so this was the best I could get of it on a cold and wintery Sunday in January 1984. B707 JYJ-AEC freezing to dead on the cargoapron.

And guess what... In the winter of 1990 Royal Jordanian Airlines tried it again, with a better result als in 1984. They continued their cargo operations for much longer as in 1984. Ok, they made a short switch to Brussels not so long ago, but they must have regret it as they still operate cargoflights into MST thereafter.
In 1990 they slowly started with one flight a week, on a Saturday. Unfortunally they didn't show up with their own B707 freighters. Seagreen Air Transport B707 N14AZ operated on the RJA flights in the first months. I did an attempt to catch the N14AZ twice, and both times it was delayed till after dark.
But their inaugural flight with their own B707 the flight was on time so I catched B707 JY-ADP while lining up the 22 on departure.

B707 JY-AEC on her way to Amman via the taxiway and runway 04 in 1991.

Their third B707 in that first year was the JY-AJK. You see her passing by on her way to Amman via the 04 in 1991.

Through the years many other B707's joined the fleet. But that is for another episode...

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