US and World news - 26.05.2021

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US and World news - 26.05.2021

Postby NewlanBroks » 26 May 2021, 15:13

Investigators in the case of the incident with the container ship Ever Given, which blocked traffic in the Suez Canal for six days, proved the guilt of the ship's captain. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the administration of the channel Osama Rabia.

"The investigation into the Ever Given incident has confirmed that there was an error in the orientation of the ship. The full responsibility for this lies with the ship's captain, and not with the channel pilots, as their opinion is optional and only advisory, " he said.

In addition to finding the culprit of the block, Rabia spoke about the violations of the company-owner of Ever Given. She refused to provide data on the value of the cargo on board, which was required for the court, and did not notify the canal administration about the flammable goods.

According to rough estimates, the total cost of the ship and cargo is two billion dollars. Rabia said that the amount of compensation, calculated on the basis of the cost of cargo, is $ 550 million. At the same time, initially, the owners of the ship planned to demand $ 916 million.

The Suez Canal was blocked on March 23. Experts did not rule out that the release of Ever Given will take several weeks, but it was possible to remove the ship from the shoal and tow it to the Big Bitter Lake on March 29. On April 2, an investigation was launched into the cause of the incident.

In the future, the Egyptian authorities are going to expand the site where the incident occurred in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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