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Important : Picture guidelines. Use these requirements to post pictures

Posted: 15 Jun 2016, 15:32
by MST-Aviation
We are happy to see your pictures on this site but, there are some rules for placing pictures to keep the quality high ! Please read the guidelines carefully before posting pictures :


* Please only post your own pictures !
* Please take your pictures with a good DSLR camera or high-end compact or bridge camera.
* Please upload your pictures on an external image host like Flickr , Google Photos or Postimage
* Please do not post links to picture. Your post must contain the picture itself.
* Pictures must be at least 1200px width and must be in 3:2 , 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.
* Please make sure your pictures are sharp and the aircraft is completely in the picture (note : see next line)
* Side shots and some different angles are accepted as well close-ups as long as this adds value in the picture.
* Night shots and panning shots are great if they are sharp and well composed. Be creative !
* Please avoid backlight as much as possible, except if this will add value in the picture like sunsets.


* Pictures taken with a mobile phone or tablet are not accepted in general. Except if they are very sharp and clear.
* Please do not take screenshots of videos but please upload the video for example to YouTube and post the link.
* Do not post unsharp or out of focus pictures.
* Please do not post multiple pictures of the same aircraft , choose your best picture !
* In case the faces are clearly recognizable you need explicit permission to publish that picture, hence pictures from behind are preferable.

New : directly upload images to our forum via

* From now on you are able to directly upload and insert pictures in our forum using Postimage. This is very easy : create a new topic or reply to an existing topic and below the textfield you''ll find the option Add image to post. Click on this link , select the picture you want to use on the forum. Upload this and the link will appear the the textfield. Easy as that ! It's still possible to use other image hosts like Flickr.