[Column] 1988 Torosair B727-200 TC-AJY

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[Column] 1988 Torosair B727-200 TC-AJY

Postby Guido » 21 Oct 2017, 16:54

Apart from B727-200 TC-AJV, who became w/o after a runway incident, Torosair had another B727. This B727 saw the light in 1968 while starting her operational live as N7278F at Frontier Airlines. Braniff, Pride Air, Arrow Air, World Airways, Air Atlanta Icelandic, and Cayman Airways operated this B727 all as N408BN before Torosair took delivery of this airframe and registrated it as TC-AJY. On March the 15th, 1990, the aircraft was withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Miami International Airport, Florida, where it became N408BN again. Unfortunally this aircraft was scrapped lateron at Opa Locka Airport in November 1993.

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